Heavy hearted!

The days passed by the stream of emotions,
The paths strained by the burden of the hearts,
But these paths never seem to lead to an end,
The days don’t seem to stay too long,
And the nights feel heavy.
A cup of coffee is all I have to accompany myself
Because the people seem so far.
And my will to reach them has come to an end.

P.S.- I have written a poem after a very very long time. And my mom’s reaction to the poem was the reason to post this one. I hope you guys like it.❤
Also, I hope you guys are taking care of your mental health too. I know these days are too heavy for our hearts and minds so take care of yourselves. Love ya’ll.

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Dig a little deeper

Sometimes being the so called “pretty face” feels so bad because then you’re not recognized by your skills, you’re not appreciated for your talents, instead you’re just praised for your beauty.

I haven’t worked for it damn!
I work hard when I write.

I don’t mean that people don’t feel good when they’re praised for their beauty it’s just… there’s so much more in a person than that yk!

There’s a whole lot of things when you dig into their personality.

Being a pretty face is not a talent. I don’t support beauty, pretty faces, perfect body (unless you’ve worked for it) or any other thing like that!

I observe that when a good looking person (guy/girl) posts something they’re good at or something they like to do they’re not as much appreciated! Instead a picture of themselves is appreciated more. It feels kind of demotivating💔

We start to question ourselves, are we actually good at it or not?
What I really mean to say is, please stop running after pretty faces and start to look deep into their personalities instead!

You might just get surprised!❤💫

I don’t know what is LOVE🥀

To my ❤,
I honestly don’t know what is love.
I don’t know what is this connection called that you and I share.
I don’t know why am I so comfortable around you unlike others.
I don’t know why do I miss you when you’re not around.
I don’t know why I feel the sense of jealousy or insecurity when you’re with someone else.
I don’t know why your touch feels like family to me.
I don’t know why your embrace feels like heaven.
I don’t know why your stare makes me feel shy over and over again.
I don’t know what is this feeling.

But what I do know is that,
there is love somewhere when I’m around you,
there is love when your absence makes me feel missing,
there is love when your friendliness towards others makes me jealous,
there is love when you touch me,
there is love when your hold me in your arms and there’s love when you see me with those ocean eyes.
I don’t know if I am in love with you or not but what I do know is there is, somewhere, love between us both that makes our bond so special and pious.

I’m glad I met you❤💫

LOVE is the most pious and precious feeling in the world. Love has the ability to make you feel the strongest and the weakest at the same time. Love is a never ending series of emotions that never fades away and if reciprocated, it can be indestructible and incredibly powerful between two souls.
Love has no gender, no color, no differences. Love is diverse and beautiful ☺️❤

Keep spreading love🥰
Share this with your special one❤

Outer and Inner beauty from a different perspective ❤🎀

Inner beauty and outer beauty.

To all the people who says, “the only thing matters is inner beauty” let me tell you, inner beauty is not the only thing that matters. Because even the person who says this, will first judge a person by his/her looks.

A bitter truth is better than a beautiful lie. Influencers nowadays are telling you sugar coated lies and think that you’ll feel better, and it might do for a while but what after that? After you see and fairness cream advertisement and you feel like you are not “fair”???

This society of humans are full of people who have perceptions of “fair is beautiful” they spread insecurity amongst brown and black skin toned people! Why? Haven’t you heard that Indian girls have most beautiful facial features? Yes they do! Regardless of the skin tone! So does the skin tone matter in real? No of course! But this is the perception perceived by majority of the people all over the world (Will discuss this later)

So Yes, we judge a person by their looks!

Why? Because we’re humans, we have brains and our brain is habitual of differentiating between ugly and beautiful.

You might have heard this a lot of times that “everyone is beautiful”, but according to me it is not because “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, not because “No child of God is ugly”, but because everyone is actually beautiful. You just need to take care of yourself the right way! Don’t take my words in a wrong way.

Let me make my words a little simpler.

I’m sure you must’ve seen duplicates of celebrities, the ones who’re not rich, the ones who don’t know how to take care of themselves, the ones who are “not so beautiful”, but have you ever noticed why they’re not beautiful? Or why are they so similar yet so different? Whereas some of them look so beautiful even though they are not as rich! Also you must’ve noticed that a lot of superstars were not as beautiful as they are today. Why? Because they started to take care of themselves in the right way!

The thing is it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or not, It doesn’t matter if you use tons of makeup or not. What matters is the way you take care of yourself, the way you love yourself and not wait for others to love you, the way you carry yourself, the way you represent yourself, the way you express yourself, the way you talk, etcetera etcetera. And that way, no one is ugly! You just don’t take care of yourself enough, or you take care of yourself a little “toooooo much” if you know what I mean!

So here’s the thing, if you think you look ugly or not so good looking, look at yourself, this is the first and the most important thing you need to change! Love yourself first! Don’t wait for others to love you. Secondly, if you care about the way you look then start taking care of yourself the right way! Don’t use chemicals, drink lots and lots of water, wash your face 2 times a day, eat good food, eat what you like (but in limits of course) and these things don’t cost much of anything! And you’ll look the best of yourself!!!

So yes, you were born beautiful, regardless of your skin tone, regardless of your physique,

regardless of your financial status and any other thing like that!

Because somethings are unchangeable! You are born with it! It is in your genes! You can’t change it! And it is not a flaw!

It is true that your first impression is your looks!

So with these stunning looks you should be confident enough to face people! Because confidence can boost up your beauty and that is a fact!

So is outer beauty enough to impress a person?

No! Not at all, I mean it might impress the person at a first glance but what about the further part? So, the way you talk and the way you express, I mean your body language, is the other thing to keep yourself impressive!

Then comes the most important thing, your behaviour! You might not know but your face reflects your behaviour too! So try not to behave incorrectly to anyone!

Your innocence and your kindness is reflected by your eyes! Stay true and I’ll bet ya’ll automatically glow up and become the best version of yourself!

The unheard voices 🌼

Things that I’ve learnt from every single moment of my life, things that I wish to do, things that I want to achieve, things that I want to feel.
I’m at the stage of my life where I don’t want to link myself with the world. I don’t want people judging me for being the real me. I don’t want my family to feel ashamed of me because others are judging me. I don’t want to hide behind the garb of an Ideal girl. I’m not that. And I just can’t be that girl. I can’t pretend. I can’t lie. I can’t hide.
I want to live, live without being judged for doing something that I chose for myself! I want to breathe the way I want to! I want to see the world the way I want to! But please don’t judge me for being real.
I know I’m not perfect and I will not always choose the right path but atleast let me make some mistakes, I’ll learn to learn the lessons you’ve been wanting me to learn. I’ll learn to get up every single time I fall, let me fall down, let me get up, by myself. I need to learn by my own experiences.
I may make mistakes a lot of times, I might not choose the right person to be with me, but trust me at the end of the day I’ll be the one who will learn to choose the right person by myself. Let me choose them, let me know them! Let me be with that person. I know how to save myself from this filthy world. I know how to save my self respect and my dignity infront of everyone. And even if I don’t know, let me know how to, I’ll learn to learn on my own.
I know this is a filthy and difficult world to live in, and it’s the harsh truth that you will not always be there with me when I’ll be facing the dirt on my own. You won’t always be there, but I’ll learn. I’ve faced things, I know things. And with every single second of my life I’m learning to survive, I’m learning to breathe, I’m learning to live! All on my own!
Trust me I’m no kid to be taken care of, I’m a learner!
I’m a voice, I need to be heard.
I’m a face, I need to be seen.
I’m a soul, I need to be breathing.
I want to live but at the same time I don’t want my family to be feeling ashamed of me for being judged by other people, people who don’t even know me! I want to roam around without fear with the love of my life and not hiding it because they will judge my character, I want to become something I chose for myself, I want to go to places, I want to live not survive!

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